Thursday 1 January 2015


Happy new year guys! Hope you've had a good book filled year with some incredible books to recommend to people. The Ward is the first book I have read for the POPSUGAR 2015 reading challenge (Checkout the heading up top :) ), and will be filling the category of 'Book you can finish in a day'

This incredibly surreal book was recommended to be by my wonderful friend, colleague and author Rebeccah Giltrow. Having been warned about its graphic content prior to reading this, I attempted to prepare myself for the journey I was about to embark on, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING could prepare me for what lies within these pages.

We begin the story with Lisa; a cosmetic surgery addict, and Josh Farrell; a celebrity photographer who is more commonly known as Farrell. Both these people have ended up in the grimmest of all hospitals; New Hope. Neither can wait to get discharged and every time they come close, a doctor demands they stay. After they try and escape, they find themselves in separate luxury hospital suits labelled 'Client' and 'Donor' and things start to get very weird indeed.

Firstly I have to thank Rebeccah for recommending this book for me and secondly I have to warn you all! This book is not for the meek and/or faint hearted. From about page 50, reading the book gives you the same experience I would imagine you get from a really bad acid trip. Its almost hallucinogenic in places.

I really really enjoyed reading this book and am tempted to read some other books by this author. (well actually, its two writers writing together under one name, Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg). Other than that I'm not really sure what I should say about this book. I liked the characters, more so Lisa than Farrell. At times I really did hate Farrell and I found that I tended to side with Lisa more often than not as I found Farrell too judgemental and quick to act on things. I didn't like the way he insisted on assuming power and blamed Lisa for the choices he made. Don't get me wrong, I liked him, he was just an idiot.

This is most definitely not a book for younger readers (due to severe bad language, mild sexual references and graphic violent content), however for those experienced readers looking for something unique and different to change up their reading habits... I think you've found you're book.

I was going to say enjoy, but that doesn't seem like the right word.... more like proceed with caution and always read the fine print.

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  1. I agree; I liked Lisa more than Farrell. He should have trusted her from the start rather than thinking she was mad. I'm glad you enjoyed (not the right word but you know what I mean) the book. And well done you for reading it in a day! I needed to take breaks to keep my stomach from exploding!